Free Beer Glasses from Lagunitas Brewing Company

Rockliscious sponsor Lagunitas Brewing Company has come through for beer fans and music enthusiasts once again! If you're a lover of or collector of cool beer glasses, you won't want to miss out on the Lagunitas famous mason jar. In support of the Rockliscious event on September 1st at Terra Fermatta with Betty Fox, Jodi Gaines and Cassie Ortiz, Lagunitas will be giving away 30 glasses, for FREE, to the first 30 patrons that purchase tickets to the September 1st show.

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Winners will receive their glasses upon entering the venue the night of the event. Be sure to ask if you won.

Lagunitas Brewing Company has been a long-time sponsor of JGE Production events. In addition to having amazing beer, they are huge supporters of the music industry with multiple tap rooms, a few amphitheaters and long list of festivals and events they support.

Lagunitas Brewing Company began on a kitchen stove in Northern California in 1993. From actually getting beers into bottles and onto the streets, Lagunitas looks to the future... From expanding the Petaluma Brewery to building a second in Chicago and soon a third in Azusa CA to bringing its flagship IPA across the pond Lagunitas could probably make good beer on the Moon. Wherever you go, beer speaks, people mumble.