Meet Rain Cat Recording Studio

Lifelong friends Bryan Lamar and Jeff Coulter started Rain Cat Recording Studio in 2012 after spending much of their lives touring as musicians themselves. Since their official opening, Rain Cat has quickly become the go-to studio for Treasure Coast musicians and were recently featured in the April 2017 issue of Stuart Magazine highlighting "Millennials on the Move." 

"We love being in the studio. We love recording music. But a lot of times, engineers or mix studios don't really take the time and attention to really help people realize what they want," said Jeff. "So we wanted to do something that would allow people to get the full studio experience at a low cost."

In June 2017, they launched Rain Cat Podcast, a show highlighting local musicians by featuring original tunes and interviews. They're a great way to discover new artists and get some insight into the world of a musician. One of their first podcasts was with Rockliscious artist Abby Owens, an acoustic guitarist, singer, songwriter and all-round storyteller.

"Bryan and Jeff have a cool thing going on at Rain Cat," said Abby. "As a creator, it's important to me to feel comfortable working with the people who get to hear my work in it's infancy. These guys are not just talented record-makers; they're cool people who make the recording process super simple, laid-back, and enjoyable. I dig it." 

Rain Cat Recording Studio is part of the incredible group of Rockliscious partners. They're located in Jensen Beach, Florida and are currently taking bookings. Take a listen to their podcasts and visit them at or call 772-214-4076.