Here's how you can help:

Purchase a raffle ticket to win a Daisy Rock Guitar, donate directly or purchase a Rockliscious shirt, 30% of which will go directly to the fund.

It all started when...

For many of us, music starts with an opportunity to discover and explore, to figure out what instrument ignites  a spark or what genre of music makes us tap our feet and want to sing along. Music, whether enjoyed or played, is an integral part of life. Unfortunately, for so many at-risk youth, music education is a low priority and those opportunities for exploring are few and far between. That is why we've partnered with Peace, Love and Music Inc., a non-profit 501(3)(c), to establish a scholarship for young girls.

Each scholarship awarded will provide a young woman with music lessons and mentorship for 1 year as well as an instrument of her choice. The cost for one such scholarship is $1600.

It is our goal to raise enough money to provide at least one scholarship, more if we can, during our Summer Tour.

We'll be donating 30% of merchandise sales (online, at venues) as well as collecting donations during each show.

If you would like to learn more, or have other ideas on how to give to the Rockliscious Scholarship for Girls, please complete our Contact Form.

Rockliscious Scholarship for Girls - Proposal and Details

See how recipients are selected and how money is spent is below.

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